Fall Brawl Takedown Tournament Under the Lights is just that, a Takedown Tournament Under the Lights outdoors. We partner with local high schools or clubs looking to raise money for their program. If you are interested in hosting, please contact us at SgtSMBfoundation@aol.com

We will run by USA weights and divisions (tournament director has the discretion to use Madison Style weight classes based on number of entries). Girls will be combined with boys if there are not enough entries.

2017 1st Annual: West Henderson High School

2018 2nd Annual: Asheville High School

2019 3rd Annual: Cherokee High School

2020 4th Annual: What About An American Ark

2021 5th Annual: Proelific Park

2022 6th Annual: Wolftown Gym Cherokee NC

Our medals have always been donated by our #1 sponsor


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