Fall Brawl Takedown Tournament Under the Lights is just that, a Takedown Tournament Under the Lights on the football field. We partner with local high schools looking to raise money for their program. If you are interested in hosting, please contact us at SgtSMBfoundation@aol.com

We will have 3 divisions for boys and a seperate 3 divisions for girls! (elementary, junior high and highschool). Weight classes will be school weight classes with a 3 pound allowance elementary weight classes will start at 50 lbs. and increase every 5 lbs (no weight allowance in the elementary division) (tournament director has the discretion to use Madison Style weight classes based on number of entries). Girls will be combined with boys if there are not enough entries.

Wrestling time will consist of one 3 minute period using the running clock format with the football scoreboard. They individual mats will use stoppage time in case of blood or injury.

The match can be won 2 ways a Pin fall or the most Takedowns. Awards will be handed out for the top 3 place finishers of each weight class and then a Takedown King trophy will be awarded to the individual with the most Takedowns per age group!

1st Annual: West Henderson High School

2nd Annual: Asheville High School

3rd Annual: Cherokee High School